Warren G. Harding Lodge #260

How to become a Mason.


WB Chris Gunnell

Greetings from the Webmaster!

As a Master one of the hardest things to do is provide a new fresh message for the website each month. Since WM Chris has been busy I will cut him a break and provide a bit of an update for this month.

Continuing with his mission of Fraternalism, WM Chris and the lodge began hosting Mason Movie in January. Our January Movie night was attended by seven brothers and rather than watch a movie we decided to play cards. It was fun and relaxing and a very good thing we were just playing for chips. The lodge will be hosting movie night again on February 25th beginning at 1900 (7pm) and continuing until we feel like calling it a night.

Or 1st degree in January was postponed due to the snow, therefore we are conferring a 1st degree on Thursday Feb 16th at 1900 (7pm). Sideliners are always welcome, bring your EAs and let them relive their first night in a lodge. The table lodge was a success and well attended. We had several distinguished visitors including a past master from a United Kingdom Lodge, as well as our Grand Lecturer VWB Sam Roberts, and the District Deputy from District 9 VWB Don Monks.

I look forward to seeing everyone at the our next meeting on the 1st of March, dinner will be at 1830 (6:30pm) with lodge beginning at 1930 (7:30pm). March dinner will be breakfast, more specifics to follow as they are received.


Br Craig S McDonald
pro tem message writer