Warren G. Harding Lodge #260


WB Glenn Samples

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The Worshipful Master sends greetings from in the East.

I can’t believe that the year has already gone by. Where has it gone? I feel that this past year has been full of many extremely memorable events and adventures. Let’s take a brief stroll down the proverbial memory lane:

The month of November we had a true Masonic lesson regarding the term,” For the good of masonry” and we passed two brothers to the level of Fellowcraft. This was conferred by our Junior Warden Bro. Adam Derr. It was his first time in the East for this degree.

December was filled with visiting other lodges and attending installations from Districts 3 and 12. At our stated I was given the honor and pleasure to present WB Paul Casson and Brother Al Dillan with their Lewis Jewel. It was an adventure traveling to Union for Mt. Moriah Lodge #11 installation during one of the heaviest rainfall days for the winter. A week later many of our brothers attended the Entered Apprentice Degree at Silverdale Lodge. This visit followed our plan for the year to assist and visit other lodges conferring degrees extending our fraternal support. The year ended with everyone being able to spend time with their family and friends.

January we hit the ground running right off the bat was our official visit from the District Deputy of the Grand Master VWB Lance Otis. This was a very successful meeting. Later in the month we conferred the Master Mason Degree for Brothers Craig McDonald and Carl G. Fleischmann. Our Senior Warden Brother Chris Gunnell was outstanding in his conferral especially with the last minute adjustments that had to be made. We were the recipient of fraternal support on this occasion.

February’s stated was a twist to anything considered normal. Considering our meeting preceded the Super Bowl it was declared that we would wear football attire in support of your favorite professional or college football team. For the dinner we had a friendly chili cook-off accompanied with hot dogs and chips. Bro. Chris Gunnell was the winner in the contest beating the Master’s wife by one vote. For the stated it was presided over with the Master wearing his football referee attire including penalty flag. This was used throughout the meeting. We also installed Bro. Craig McDonald as the Junior Deacon. Both he and WB Paul Casson happened to wear the same football team color jersey and number. What a sight to see.

March brought as is said “the luck of the Irish”. There were lucky green beads provided to the brethren who were not able to find a bit of green to be adorned with their attire. To reward and provide encouragement lucky gold chocolate coins were given by the Master. Later that month was the first ever Regional Grand Lodge District Training and Meeting. WB Ken Wilson had been nominated for the Grand Master Achievement Award unfortunately he did not receive it. But we are all very appreciative of all the work that WB Ken has provided for lodge. We also captured the “Traveling Gavel” but in doing so caused a stir which prompted the Lodge Officers Association practice the Master Mason “Working Tool” Lecture.

April’s stated started with a great dinner of ham. We had visitors from William H. Upton Naval and Military Lodge and Steadfast Lodge who were vying for the coveted “Traveling Gavel”. William H. Upton Lodge won. WB B.J. Quance seems to believe that the “Gavel” belongs to him. This is also the month that I was joined by Brothers Paul Casson, Craig McDonald, Mark Brooks, Jason Mauk and Junior Babine and we all travelled to Quilcene-Jefferson Lodge in Quilcene to attend the Outdoor Loggers Degree. All of us were initiated as Masonic Loggers with the Grand Master G. Santy Lascano. Monday April 18th WB Paul Casson, George Kuhr and Bro. Craig McDonald joined me at Kingston High School where we made our first of hopefully many more donations to the high school band with refurbished instruments.

May was a busy month according to the schedule. The month began with the Brothers that have declared interest in being elected to the Grand Lodge as the Junior Grand Warden visiting our stated meeting. On the weekend of May 20th and 21st, was the first Grand Lodge Family Celebration at the Masonic Retirement Center in Burien. This event was huge success for its first time. In our local area that was also the weekend for the Armed Forces Day Celebration in Bremerton and Viking Days in Poulsbo.

June is always the big month of the year for our fraternity with the Grand Communication June 8th through June 11th at the Great Wolf Lodge in Grand Mound. Prior to the Grand Communication was our monthly stated communication. This stated was different in that it was conducted in a Table Lodge format. I attended and represented our Lodges desires regarding the resolutions presented to the Fraternity. We will open Lodge early and then have our meal as we discuss the resolutions. On the afternoon of June 3rd, I was accompanied by WB George Kuhr and Bro. Carl Fleischmann as we presented our first two bicycles for the “Bikes for Books” program. Two third grade students a boy and girl from Pearson Elementary School in Poulsbo were the recipients. The presentation was made during a special outdoor lunch with students and the parents. Both students also received a brand new bicycle helmet to go with their bicycles. The weekend of June 17th through the 19th we had our Lodge camping trip at Cape Disappointment in Long Beach. While not as largely attended as hoped it became a great family weekend retreat for all the pedestal officers. It has been decided to have another outing next year. June’s events were concluded with WB Skip’s retirement from the United States Navy. WB Skip was blessed to have nine of his Brother’s attend his ceremony. July really started with a “BANG”! Our lodges annual 3rd of July BBQ was a huge success. After taking a year off I am assuming that everyone missed this beloved activity and chose to come out and have some fun. By consolidation of all estimates we had approximately 100 people stop by to eat, play games, visit with friends and watch the spectacular fireworks show. The stated meeting was good time as well. We were visited not only by our newly appointed District Deputy of the Grand Master VWB Jim Kendall but two other Deputies as well VWB Charles Tupper and Darrel Womack. The latter two were here to take the Lodge’s official photograph for the Grand Master’s yearbook. , I was accompanied by Bro. Chris Gunnell, WB. Skip Nielsen, WB. George Kuhr, WB Paul Casson, WB Bob O’Campo, Bro. Craig McDonald, and Bro. Al Dillan to the Silverdale Lodge stated meeting. We were treated to a wonderful steak dinner. This was their “Fill the Lodge Night” along with “Past Master’s Night”.

August started off very-well with our annual past-masters night. Our future line of officers did an outstanding job as they all stepped up for the night not only in front of our past-masters but in the presence of all the visiting brethren including RWB Jerry Lingle. I could not have been more proud of my brothers as they all performed the ritual very well and absolutely demonstrated competency to fill their next roles. Two week later, however, we received the devastating news that RWB Jerry had been called home to that Celestial Lodge not made with hands unexpectedly. Our Brothers traveled to his memorial service which served as a celebration of his life. I have since learned that his son Frank has petitioned to become a Mason and look forward to watching him go through his degrees. To add to this whirlwind of events our landlord contacted me and informed me that she was not going to renew our lease. Wow!! I was really floored by this as I believed like many others that we might at least have a couple of more years in our long standing home before moving into our new home.

At our September stated meeting the two major items of business was to elect our officers for the upcoming year and to discuss our options for a temporary home. Congratulations to Worthy Brother Chris Gunnell, his elected and appointed line.

The discussion involving a location for our temporary home focused mainly on asking another lodge to allow us to meet there. Through discussion and then a vote the brethren it was decided to ask Renton 29 first and then Bremerton. I have had a conversation with the Master of Renton 29 and he has assured me that the Brethren of Renton 29 would welcome us with open arms.

That brings us to October. What can I say other than WOW!!! The time sure did fly by and it does not seem that the end of my term is here. It has been a journey I will always cherish and share. I would like to thank all of my Brothers who have been there throughout my year to travel with me, provide counsel, support and most importantly fraternalism.

Open Installation of the Officers will be Saturday Oct. 15, 2011 starting at 2 p.m. Please plan to attend.