Warren G. Harding Lodge #260


The Worshipful Master sends greetings from in the East.

WOW!!!! July really started with a “BANG”

Ken Baesler, Carl Fleischmann, Paul Casson & Adam Derr

Our lodges annual 3rd of July BBQ was a huge success. After taking a year off I am assuming that everyone missed this beloved activity and chose to come out and have some fun. By consolidation of all estimates we had approximately 100 people stop by to eat, play games, visit with friends and watch the spectacular fireworks show. Thank you to all the Brothers that contributed to the success of this event by planning, cooking, and cleaning. I was filled with excitement to see how many people came and especially to see the kids playing in the lodge room on the floor.

WB George Kuhr even convinced several people into playing a friendly game of Texas Hold’em. From what I have been told Bro. Carl Fleischmann was the “Big Winner”. I believe WB George was trying to keep in the history of our lodge’s namesake who by historical accounts used to be a bit of gambler.

The stated meeting was good time as well. We were visited not only by our newly appointed District Deputy of the Grand Master VWB Jim Kendall but two other Deputies as well VWB Charles Tupper and Darrel Womack. The latter two were here to take the Lodge’s official photograph for the Grand Master’s yearbook. The meeting covered the results of the vote that occurred at Grand Lodge for this year. The new Junior Grand Warden was also announced. That is RWB Bruce Vesper. During this meeting we formed plans to attempt the retrieval of the “Traveling Gavel” from Silverdale Lodge #311 and swore VWB Jim to secrecy.

On Monday July 11th, I was accompanied by Bro. Chris Gunnell, WB. George Kuhr, WB Paul Casson, WB Bob O’Campo, Bro. Craig McDonald, and Bro. Al Dillan to the Silverdale Lodge stated meeting. We were treated to a wonderful steak dinner. This was there “Fill the Lodge Night” along with “Past Master’s Night”. This made the challenge for the gavel very interesting. Unfortunately we were trumped by William H. Upton Naval and Military Lodge. WB BJ Quance had 14 members present, even though half of those present are members of both Silverdale Lodge and William H. Upton Lodge. Steadfast Lodge attempted a claim for the gavel but they only had three members there.

The rest of July has been uneventful. I hope that all my Brothers have been spending this down time with their family and friends enjoying the intermittent sunny days that we have been having during this unique Northwest Summer. I have been going dirt bike trail riding at Tahuya State Park and hiking up in the Olympics at Hurricane Ridge. The month ended with the Lodge Officers Association monthly breakfast and meeting in Bremerton and I was accompanied by Bro. Carl Fleischmann, Bro. Ken Baeslar, Bro. Craig McDonald and WB Paul Casson.

Our August stated will have a full agenda. It is our annual “Past Masters Night” , “Fill the Lodge Night” and “Step-up Night” along with dinner preceding the meeting starting at 6:30 p.m. We will be working as Entered Apprentices that night so all Masons are invited. I look forward to seeing all of you in attendance.