Warren G. Harding Lodge #260
F&AM of Washington
Poulsbo, WA

How to become a Mason.
So, how easy is it to become a Mason?

First thing is you should get to know us.  And we should get to know you.  We can accomplish that by your coming to our Stated Meeting Dinner on the First Thursday of the month.  If you call the Secretary and let him know you are coming (with your wife and family - it is up to you, they are most welcome), he will make sure there is enough grub for your tribe.  There is no cost to you, you will be our guests.  This will give you a chance to get to know us and get answers to questions you and your family may have.

Dinner is from 6:30 PM until 7:30 PM (be a little early as Masons are always on time for dinner), after which you and your family can return home and discuss what you have witnessed and make an informed decision about proceeding further.  After which, you will contact the Secretary again and inform him of your decision.  At that point you can request a petition from the Lodge for membership.  Details can be provided by the Secretary at that time.

All Masons believe in a Supreme Being and an afterlife.  This Supreme Being may not be fully developed in your mind and many questions about him/her may exist, but the fact that he exists should be without question.  The terms "Supreme Being" or "Great Architect of the Universe" are used in a Masonic Lodge in order to show our respect for every belief system that shares our concept of one Deity. It eliminates the desire to discuss a particular religious belief in Lodge, for two issues are never discussed in Lodge: Religion and Politics. This is the first requirement for membership with us.   

One additional note: We do NOT recommend any particular religion or belief system outside of what is noted above. This is an individual matter for each of us alone to resolve. We do NOT profess a formula for salvation.  Our ceremonies include prayers to an non-denominational Deity. Thus the terms "Supreme Being and Great Architect of the Universe".  You will witness that at our dinner as a blessing is always given before a meal.

That is all there is to start on the path to being a Master Mason.

The Path?

Yes, Masonry is a journey.  A journey many men of renown have enjoyed and treasured.  At each point in that journey you are given a path you are to follow and as you complete each degree you become more "enlightened".  This process is fully explained and available to all who search for it.  During the process you will join the members of your lodge, not only in the degrees, but also in their routine activities in lodge activities.

For Masonry is a fraternity.  We accept men of like minds who want to join together for the betterment of themselves but also of their fellow man.  This is why we invite you to dinner; for although you may not enjoy us or we, you; we can recommend other lodges in the area where you may feel more at home.  This way each man can benefit from friends of his own choosing, and at the same time we all practice the same general principles of the craft.

As you attain the Master Mason Degree, you then become free to "travel" to other lodges to join with them in similar activities.  This gives you the widest exposure to our craft and you have the ability to join any lodge with which you feel a camaraderie.

 What is this Path?

The path is the process of learning the Three Degrees of Masonry.  On acceptance of your application and it being read in open lodge at the monthly stated meeting, you will be contacted by three "investigators" who will again provide any answers to questions you may have; make sure your family will not be adversely effected by your membership; and report back to the lodge at the next Stated Meeting their findings.  You will then be voted on and on acceptance by the lodge you will be mailed a short booklet describing Masonry and what you are about to enter upon. You are directed to read it prior to your scheduled First Degree. 

On the scheduled date you will appear at lodge, be questioned and prepared for your first degree.  After the play, you will be assigned a coach and required to work with him until he is satisfied you understand what you have witnessed and participated in and then called in front of the lodge to demonstrate you knowledge.  After that point, you will repeat the process in the Second Degree and finally in the Third Degree.  When you have demonstrated knowledge in each degree you will be acknowledged as a Master Mason with all the rights and benefits of the same.

How long does it take?

This depends upon the enthusiasm of the candidate.  Some have completed the process in four months, others have taken a full year or more.  It all depends upon schedules, the candidate and his determination.  Our laws only dictate that a candidate must advance each year which would make it a three year process in extreme cases. 

If you've received one or more Degrees in the past?

If you've received your Entered Apprentice Degree in the past, but for one reason or another, did not complete the other one or two, you will have to talk to a Lodge Secretary.  Click here for ours.

Each Jurisdiction has rules governing men who haven't completed their degrees.  When you contact the Secretary, have an idea of the year you were initiated and the Lodge, City and State. In some cases, you can finish your degrees with us and become a Master Mason. Remember, each Jurisdiction (State) differs in this respect so the Secretary is your best advocate.